Company Description

Bazhou City friendship Steel Group is located in Beijing, Tianjin, security triangle,East of Tianjin, north to Beijing, West Baoding, South Cangzhou, 112 National Road runs through the seat of the two town hall, covers an area of 270 mu.The company was formally established in 2003 December, the registered capital of 10 billion RMB.At present, our factory has hot galvanizing production line 4, rolling mill, reversible unit, and is equipped with pickling workshop, slitting cutting workshop and other ancillary production equipment, formed a one-stop production line.

Company production of galvanized strip width: 20mm-1250mm, thickness 0.26mm - 2.50mm, the annual output of 250000 tons, output value of 10 billion RMB, products smooth surface, zinc flower uniform, bright color, quality fully meet the national standard of international GB2518-88, products is a new type of building material, has the anti atmospheric corrosion performance is good, the coating steel is one of the most widely uses, the largest output, get a lot of use in the construction industry, which has good heat resistance, but also the raw material of choice for fireproof rolling shutter door, can also be used in automobile, railway locomotive manufacturing, highway guardrail, a civil chimney etc..

In addition, according to the market demand, our company based on the production of galvanized steel products, the introduction of domestic most advanced production equipment, production of galvanized steel, product specifications are Φ 15- Φ 450 round tube and square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, straight tube.

Established friendship Steel Group, we jumped the last new step, group participation and close cooperation of the manufacturers reached 23, so that we can expand the business scale.

Group now has formed by galvanized coil, galvanized pipe, galvanized steel, secondary processing, hot rolling, rolling development model and other steel products closely connecting layer.

In order to more effectively carry out foreign trade, effective way to group in Hongkong and Tianjin opened a International Trade Company as a group of foreign business, formed a long-term, stable, and extensive sales channels. Young, dynamic international team can at any time to meet the immediate needs of customers.

STARK (Tianjin) CO.,LTD. and STARK (Hongkong) CO.,LTD. as the rise of new international trade power, relying on the strength of large integrated steel matrix will be as in the past to provide our clients with high standards, high quality products, thank all the friends of our company has been the support and trust.